Tuesday, June 17

i'll softly answer it here...

it's me :)the open secret is the one placed right in front of you. a truth hidden in plain sight, is a truth many eyes overlook and so miss. and this is why it's that best kept yet openly displayed secret. it's there for you to see it in your own time, and in your own way.

when you're ready.

when you're looking for an answer...there it sits spelled out in colorful letters, or in the name given to the object, or in the words coming through your friends, or in the headline of some cleverly laid out blog, or in the song you can't stop listening to, or in the name you were given at your apparent birth, or in a sign you drive by every day, or etched in the art of brilliant men, or scripted in the plays of poetic writers, or hidden as the essence of ancient words...the truth, whatever form of it you seek, the answer to whatever question you're asking, is everywhere.

and this truth meant for you to take in, it isn't just "out there" - it's literally everywhere...this entire design is oozing out the answer to your question, whatever your question may be, every which way your head can turn.

one day, you'll pause at what's staring you right in the face, and wonder just a little.

one day, you'll take that second look, and it will all click in.

all the pieces carefully laid out before you, all the pieces that have been sitting there and staring at you, waiting for you to recognize them will appear to you like a complete picture you understand.

until then, the truth says, i'm where you least expect me to be, crawling into your heart one letter at a time...crawling into your brain, one pixel at a time...

this design, she's like a cleverly laid out game, with all the signs on the map giving you all the answers you're looking for. there's not a single question unanswered. there's not a single event that's unrevealed. there are no hidden secrets or private matters. everything is out in the open. it's all just a matter of how long it takes you to recognize what's in plain sight...

yah...love love love...love some more

faithfully playing my part...always for Your entertainment

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