Friday, June 6

hangin loose

“shaka, brah!”

you know if it wasn’t for the reminders available to us, we’d probably sit around fondling the imaginary past like little kids with slithering creatures in their hands. we play and replay, tell and re-tell, the story of an event that is no more until we’ve choked all the air out of ourselves over it. if there is anything that leaks your energy, that drains your light, it is your insistence that time is real.

i love asking myself…where was i before this moment right here and right now? i’m breathing here. i’m feeling now. i’m thinking here. i'm creating now. all of my activities are arising in my present moment. always and all ways in this present moment. How refreshing that THIS is all that there is. and THIS is light and loose.

climb out of time and into this fresh new instant that greets you with a clean slate. this immediate instant is always a fresh starting point. the only residue of a past that is here is the one you’re making up and clinging to in your mind. you can let go of old experiences and bring all of your energy back into this powerful present moment.

yes, you can.

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