Monday, June 16

first thing i'd say to you is baby...

"We'll find a short-waved frequency
the wave connecting you and me
Hello I love you. " - roger waters

this is you, tuning into me, tuning into my forever portrait of perfection...a love i aspire to reflect...a gentle breeze of warmth and of tenderness...

if i were capable of expressing in words, all that comes to be stirred, i would write You a thousand letters. i would whisper the words into every ear. i would speak them to all living things. i'd tell the birds by day and i'd spill to the brightest stars by night. and as all these wonders listen, i would ask them all to tell you of the kind of love i wish to share with you, the kind of love i dream for you. i would let my lips run on until the message got through.

to love you like you deserve, to warm you like you warm my earth...i only dream to reflect...all the wonder you're worth. this is my timeless truth.

if i'm here for anything, it's this. i'm here to love you with and through every atom of my being. i'm here to love you...hard. and i'm here to love you all ways.

'cause it's only in loving you that i feel true to my Inner Being, my most intimate Truth.

plus my green tea wants to tell you something...

you are unlimited it says.

and so is this timeless love in which we live.

this thing of ours makes me want to sit in the sun just love love love

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