Tuesday, June 3

the Divine playground

this three dimensional playground utterly fascinates me in so many ways. i’m rather fond of those Indian teachers who went around saying everything is illusion and unreal, right before they conjured up a rose out of thin air, levitated, or walked on water. i love them all, especially for the reason that they too are all imaginary, the hologram projections, programmed illusions, or hallucinations of a dream-world made of "nothing."

it’s a wild world.

fact and fiction are a funny debate to me. that everything my mind conceives, including identity, is just a play of invisible ideas i play with is a trip. the facts and the fictions of this experience are only ever conceived by our own mind, only we’ve trained ourselves into making the non-existent distinction. sometimes i’m factual and other times i’m fictional. and other times i’m a mixed bag of both. if you think everything is real, then it is. if you think everything is fiction, then it is. if you think it's both, then it is that too. there are no boundaries except the one's you conceive between these. it is us who draw an arbitrary line between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy, assuming that one is objective and the other our mental play.

it’s a funny imaginary line that separates the facts from the fictions, the real from the imagined, the history from the vision and prophecy.

if you look closely at everything you experience, you do so only through the medium of your mind – a selective and discriminative instrument that is filtering out something like 99.9...% of all of the information that is before you in this instant. i’m amazed just thinking about what kind of frequency or information i’m not accessing this very minute. i mean i'm thankful too. i don’t know if the nervous system can process all the information that is flying about the ether without crackling or short-circuiting. and i don't want to crackle or short-circuit. i'm still young and vibrant!

(alex grey)

and wild.

so...i like to think of it as that...we live in an informational soup. we are bathing in and swimming around in a big bowl of campbell’s informational medley soup. the taste is overwhelming. and of all the stimuli, waves of information, flying at you, your mind, your brain-body is only registering and offering you as "reality" a minuscule percentage of all that is flickering into existence at this very moment. and calling this selective tiny bites of information you’ve given attention to “real” or “fact” makes that conclusion, in my view, debatable.

(alex grey)

the truth and the facts of this reality are really only that infinitesimal bit of information, that less than 0.1% of information you've given attention to. be it past or right now, the facts you perceive are debatable...in my view. i mean in a given day, you process so many thoughts, so many little events, but of all the things you cycle second after second in a 24 hour period (i think that's 86400 seconds), what you then recollect and call "my memory of yesterday" or "my reality of yesterday" or "my truth of yesterday" or "the facts of yesterday"...is a very selective small group of images.

so i hold, in this reality, there are no facts. facts imply objectivity, continuity, and a sense of real-ness. and there’s no such thing when you come to face all experiences through the excruciatingly selective subjective faculty of mental interpretation. in this reality there are only interpretations. subjective mental constructions. and these mental constructions exclude so much more information than they include into your observed experience.

it's funny...the limitless nature of this life reveals itself only when you put your attention on it. does that make it a fact? it too is another aspect of the informational soup in which we're bathing in. in an infinite matrix of information, there is no "fact" and no "not fact"...it's all...information, and you get to choose which aspects you'll bring to life by the power of your attention.

it's a wild world.
it's a great soup.

so is this veggie pho...

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