Thursday, June 26

Out with the old, in with the Now

...a blog sprinkled with pretty

(pretty #1)

whatever thoughts you entertain momentarily (or continually) are the filter through which you perceive and experience your moments. in any given moment, whatever thoughts you're giving your attention to, not only define what and how you experience that immediate moment, but they also define and construct the "me" that's experiencing that moment. an insecure "i" is as much a thought form as a confident "i". the persona that arises in any given moment, the thinking, feeling "me" and everything that follows it, is a total construction of thought - a mental image formed of memory.

when you look past the thought filter, when you don't merge your attention with the thoughts that appear, it's almost like perception flat-lines and there's nothing happening. peace. rest. clarity. unity. timelessness. this is what's prior to the movement of thought. it is only when thoughts are fondled, problems and suffering emerge. it is only when attention entangles itself in the play of thought, that the story in which an "I" and a "world" that suffers appears.

(pretty #2)

so your experiences of physical reality are either a consequence of old time-bound (thought) patterns you’re giving life to through the power of your attention, or an outcome of clear and timeless seeing. it’s an either or unfolding in every moment. either you’re experiencing, seeing, and feeling things as they really are, or you’re seeing, feeling, and experiencing things through the veil of mental projections - conditioned thought and memory.

always, you’re either seeing and feeling this experience through timeless eyes, or through the veil of old patterns, memories/conditioning, the arising thought forms.

whatever problem or drama appears, whatever uneasy feeling arises, whatever discomfort arises, is only appearing in the content of the thoughts brought to life by your attention. they're old thoughts that are replaying. in a sense, all problems are completely imaginary - mental projections based on memory. problems and drama have absolutely nothing to do with the timeless instant that is right here and right now, the ground of Self (One, Zero, Big Mind, Buddha, God, Source etc.).

(pretty #3)

old patterns, memories, are instantly dissolved (or neutralized) when timeless seeing, that Self (the ground Reality of all that appears) alone is right here and right now, is recognized. this is the thoughtless perception. this is the thoughtless vision.

every moment is a chance to return the conditioned perception to the unaffected state of pure Being.

mental projections appear to veil the still, unchanging, and timeless foundation of this reality. just as mental projections are incessant, popping up to substitute true perception with every encounter, the return of attention to the timeless state must also be incessant.

the conscious choice to make in every appearing moment is always this – to engage old programs that arise as thought forms, or to return attention to the natural state of pure timeless Being. attention can either incessantly entangle itself with thought and the backless story it weaves, or attention can return home to the natural unchanging state of That which is all things.

Monday, June 23

to be my Fathers daughter...

The more I ask, the more I receive. And the more I receive the more I long to be just like the giver of all things in this life.

This is such a great life. It’s a life of dreams coming true. It’s a life of receiving and experiencing your hearts deepest longing’s. It's a life of fulfillment in every moment when you're open and allowing.

(Dhira Lawrence - Opening)

Being an offspring of pure love, how can one not aspire to reflect the Love of That which creates all things?

I am overwhelmed by the unconditional love and total trust I receive from this life, from this invisible power. My heart literally aches with gratitude. My eyes well-up as I’m overwhelmed by all that I receive in so many forms. I'm receiving more than I've ever dreamed of from an unseen power I can only call Love.

A whisper of a thought arises, some insignificant question is posed, and the answer comes, rushing to meet my inquiry. There is no question too small or request to insignificant in the eyes of That from which we come from. This is such a loving life. All of our requests, all of our questions big and small, are answered. And all that we long for is ravishingly given.

This Life is Love, and it is all-encompassing, and it cherishes every single one of its creations and their movements.

How can you come from unconditioned generosity, how can you be a part of a power whose total benevolent attention is on you, how can you come from limitless love and reflect and transmit its essence in total purity?

That this life is paying total attention to all of me and my mental wanderings, my mental coming and going's, is so readily demonstrated to me in my scenes over and over again. Here is Life with its ears right at my lips answering and being all that I ask of it.

How to be all-giving like This?

How to be all-loving like This?

How to be all-allowing like This?

How to be the perfect mirror, the open vehicle, for That which birthed me?

Born of Love we perceive and anticipate rejection. Born of the same substance, we perceive differences. How do I come to perceive anything other than this miraculous power?

When I pray to This Love, I pray to be its untainted home. I pray to be taught how to love as That which unreservedly loves all things.

(Dhira Lawrence - Rooted In Love)

I pray that every atom of my being be firmly rooted in Love.

Sunday, June 22

on behalf of your hair...

i get the luxury of walking down the appropriately named "roseview" avenue on the regular. there aren't many roses in view, but there are plenty beauties that make me feel quite rosy. japanese lilac trees and a path sprinkled with daisies under an overcast sky set the scene for my contemplating this law of growth i see all around me...

how did we, who are made of the same elements as everything else here, come to believe that we were separate from this life, its workings, and all that she brings into being? it's perplexing that this belief continues on...

in conventional thinking, not only do we separate ourselves from the whole functioning of life, but we also separate the unfolding of our experiences, our days and our nights, from the precise workings of this fascinating world. everything in this design seems to conform to some law. there is a readily observable science and an art to how things come to pass, and this is elegantly demonstrated for us in the laws of growth we see before us everywhere.

before you can see the trees, the flowers, the shrubs, and the grass, a seed is planted in the earth, and nourished by the elements of this world. before you can see a living being, a fertilized seed is planted in the womb, to gestate, to get nourished, before entering the world. all living beings and all living things go through this process of implantation, gestation, and nourishment, before entry into the world. there is nothing in the processes of how we come to be that separates us from all of life here.

human insecurity, whatever its form, is always a result of the view "i and this life are not one." that life will take care of you and does so because you are its very own creation, creative expression, is elegantly sprinkled all along the path of your unfolding.

but we can take it a step further. not only is the way the human being comes into..well..being under this law of growth, but the way the human being unfolds in this life, the way the human experiences this life, also follows this law of growth.

our experiences operate under this same law we see displayed in the physical unfolding of things. when our mind is introduced to some idea on whatever area of human life (be it identity, love, what life is, or enlightenment), this implanted idea is what forms into a belief. nourished by our attention this belief "grows" into our experiences.

("If a fertile lawn is full of manure, is a fertile mind full of crap?" :) )

everything in this life is a metaphor for everything else. and everything here unfolds with exact precision and under definite principles. mistrust, doubt, fear, and all related insecure states of mind are born when the obvious is ignored. everything here is One. unitary. the same stuff...the same substance forming itself in different ways, unfolding under precise rules and principles.

look outward and see how the physical body goes through the same processes of implantation, has a growth cycle, and then dissolves back into the earth as all other living forms out in this world. look inward and experience directly how the thoughts you have on loop cloth themselves as the experiences you play out...

you as a cute little chipmunk

you are one with everything here. it's only the view that you are separate from all that is here that has you and would ever have you pulling out your pretty little hair...

Thursday, June 19

did you get my message?

i wanna samba with you

one sweetness sent me this video to get me in the festive mood.

we'll put on your short shorts, learn the moves, and do the dance in whatever place you choose...together k

Tuesday, June 17

i'll softly answer it here...

it's me :)the open secret is the one placed right in front of you. a truth hidden in plain sight, is a truth many eyes overlook and so miss. and this is why it's that best kept yet openly displayed secret. it's there for you to see it in your own time, and in your own way.

when you're ready.

when you're looking for an answer...there it sits spelled out in colorful letters, or in the name given to the object, or in the words coming through your friends, or in the headline of some cleverly laid out blog, or in the song you can't stop listening to, or in the name you were given at your apparent birth, or in a sign you drive by every day, or etched in the art of brilliant men, or scripted in the plays of poetic writers, or hidden as the essence of ancient words...the truth, whatever form of it you seek, the answer to whatever question you're asking, is everywhere.

and this truth meant for you to take in, it isn't just "out there" - it's literally everywhere...this entire design is oozing out the answer to your question, whatever your question may be, every which way your head can turn.

one day, you'll pause at what's staring you right in the face, and wonder just a little.

one day, you'll take that second look, and it will all click in.

all the pieces carefully laid out before you, all the pieces that have been sitting there and staring at you, waiting for you to recognize them will appear to you like a complete picture you understand.

until then, the truth says, i'm where you least expect me to be, crawling into your heart one letter at a time...crawling into your brain, one pixel at a time...

this design, she's like a cleverly laid out game, with all the signs on the map giving you all the answers you're looking for. there's not a single question unanswered. there's not a single event that's unrevealed. there are no hidden secrets or private matters. everything is out in the open. it's all just a matter of how long it takes you to recognize what's in plain sight... love some more

faithfully playing my part...always for Your entertainment

Monday, June 16

something about roosters?

first thing i'd say to you is baby...

"We'll find a short-waved frequency
the wave connecting you and me
Hello I love you. " - roger waters

this is you, tuning into me, tuning into my forever portrait of perfection...a love i aspire to reflect...a gentle breeze of warmth and of tenderness...

if i were capable of expressing in words, all that comes to be stirred, i would write You a thousand letters. i would whisper the words into every ear. i would speak them to all living things. i'd tell the birds by day and i'd spill to the brightest stars by night. and as all these wonders listen, i would ask them all to tell you of the kind of love i wish to share with you, the kind of love i dream for you. i would let my lips run on until the message got through.

to love you like you deserve, to warm you like you warm my earth...i only dream to reflect...all the wonder you're worth. this is my timeless truth.

if i'm here for anything, it's this. i'm here to love you with and through every atom of my being. i'm here to love you...hard. and i'm here to love you all ways.

'cause it's only in loving you that i feel true to my Inner Being, my most intimate Truth.

plus my green tea wants to tell you something...

you are unlimited it says.

and so is this timeless love in which we live.

this thing of ours makes me want to sit in the sun just love love love

Sunday, June 15

just 'cause

and i can hear your thoughts from here
and i can feel your heart from here
so stare just a little longer
and sigh just a little louder
i can hear you
i can feel you
i'm sitting here softly whispering...
it's you
it's always been you
this is our place
this is our dance
and my words want to always come and say...
it's you who i love ~

[insert beautiful fragrant lilies here along with a hug and kisses from me]

these are words waiting to come and find you...they've been trying to squeeze themselves out all morning long, but i'm half distracted and half enchanted by a love story the gods are trying to sing for me. i can't make out all the notes, but all that i've come to now hear fills my eyes with joyful tears. it's a wonderful story, it's a beautiful song.

Saturday, June 14

you fascinate me

(cute wonder # 1)

getting back to the wonder...and the cuteness...and the giggles ~

# fluids come together and observing, thinking, feeling happens
# trillions of cells come together, and experiencing this universe happens
# chemicals interact, and the sense of existing as an individual arises
# tiny particles vibrate and collide and this whole dance becomes possible...

this design fascinates me. like right now for instance, this very instant, there is a lot of registering vibration, electrical firing, cellular communication, and all sorts of imperceivable processes taking place in all sorts of ways just so this blog can be composed on the one end, and read and interpreted on the other end.

if even for an instant you stop and think about what processes are taking place for this immediate experiencing to be had, getting lost in the mental projection of some big picture ceases.

sometimes in conversation, these thoughts arise, and i have to hold back the giggles. i'll look at the person talking and go "how in the world is that talking happening right now?" i see the person as the togetherness of all these cells firing light at one another just so the mouth can open, muscles move, the throat does things so noise can come out, just so the two of us can participate in the illusion that something important is actually taking place.

i like to trip myself out because this light show is a trip! this dance of sound, of vibration is so fantastic!

the wonder isn't found in some past image of a time that doesn't exist, nor in the mental construction of a future not yet here. the wonder is found in what's taking place, all that is taking place, right here and right now.

(cute wonder # 2)

the wonder is in all the little tiny things that come together just so information can be organized into experience.

like for instance, who is it that is getting lost in worry, in fear? what happens in order for memory to grab hold of my attention? what is it that is experiencing all of this in this way? what's happening in and to this body for there to be a sense of "me" and for this me to perceive and construct a personal story?

i like to break it down to the basics. i like to stop and ask, so what exactly is happening right now for me to experience this? and who and what is this me experiencing all this?

i have no idea how i came to be, how these cells and particles i can't directly observe do what they do, how any of it comes together in the miraculous and fascinating way that it does...but i sure like to pause and give it some consideration. and when i do, the wonder comes back...and i follow that wonder by thinking "my gosh i love this life" and then i giggle myself back into the dance of this you and i...

[please insert your picture here]
(cute wonder # 3)

i wish i could tell you how much you fascinate me!

Friday, June 13


in love with a sweet heart

cinnamon hearts sprinkled in the yard
only i know what the gods sweetly hint at
life is sweet
when it is you dreaming of it

Thursday, June 12

Immortal Love of the Divine

(Picture: Radha  Krishna)

do not despair most gentle Heart
that great Love
is nearer than the breath you draw
and more intimate than the skin you wear
do not twist over your dreams
for your Love is nearer than even they
it is only thought that creates distance
for it is only thought that appears to divide
recede back into the stillness
and keep your peace in endless bloom
for only Here can you merge
with the core of all that you adore

in due time

yesterdays words are today's memories, while today's feelings tell me, my home is on the pillow next to yours. and no where else. i wanna go home. i'm tired.

the lines repeat in so many ways. the words change but the message is always the same. and instead of putting out a flurry of more words to add to the mix, i thought i'd just say...

contemplate this: "Time and space are modes by which we think, and not a condition in which we live." - Einstein

(my neighborhood...i can't complain)

Tuesday, June 10

this Love within

(artwork: Leo Plaw)

to look outward for love
is to want the love born of a split mind
such is a tide of changing emotions
one day it exalts you
and the next withdraws its affections
turn your eyes to the Light within
this inner ocean of Love
is unconditional
it is unchanging
this is the sole source of security
this is the measure of your worth
look within to the Self of all
always to This you must turn
feel the purity
of the limitless Love yours by nature
then it will not matter what appears else where
for Here you bathe
in the Ignited Love of life itself

Monday, June 9

Make It Yours

(picture: Robin Urton - Conversation)

what is it about us that has us looking to one another for validation and reassurance in our seeing? is this insecurity also? i mean, i notice that when ever we find something that works for us, we go trying to feed it to the people in our environment as though our experience depended upon it. either that or we go asking one another "hey, this is what i experienced, is this the truth, is this how i should have experienced it?"

does your truth remain your truth only when there are other's agreeing with you? do you really need someone else to take a bite of the cake you're enjoying to really believe that it tastes great?

it's fantastic when those of like-intentions gather together but your reality is your reality and you don't need anyone to agree with you to make it true, and to make it yours. you generate the scene and you generate the meaning and you live out the experience. you are always directly connected to the heart of life, and you can live out this dream anyway your heart desires. you don't need anyone to agree with you. it's all about you. you are the center of your universe, of your experiences. each being is directly connected to the source of all that appears here. there is no need or requirement that for you to enjoy your experiences, other's have to see it just like you.

one of the most liberating conclusions i made is that my truth is just that, mine. no one else really has to agree with it for me to live it. i don't need anyone to see like me to enjoy my point of view and i got to the point of not at all caring what anyone else thinks of my view. i lost interest in the guru's of the world who had their own truths to offer, when i found my inner indicators. i imagine that this is what standing on your own and going your own way is about. i imagine that this is what acknowledging your direct connection to All That Is is about. that you cease looking and searching for other people to say "oh yes, that is the truth for sure, and you're okay now."

(picture: Robin Urton - Cosmos Dancer)

each being generates a truth to live out. each one is a cosmic dancer and weaver of a reality. our viewpoints are as unique as the thumbprints we sport. that is the magic of this exploratory experience. but we suppress the power to enjoy our creative dance when we look to others to tell us if what and how we see is okay. we seem to constantly be looking to one another insecurely asking, "hey is it okay for me to see this way?" who cares what anyone else thinks about your view? you are as miraculous and as magnificent as everything and everyone that has ever appeared here or will ever appear here. the question is not "is your truth true for them?"

(picture: Robin Urton - Awakening)

live your truth, own it and enjoy it for as long as it works for you. decide for yourself what you like and don't like and let other people do that for themselves also. life will bring you a change in perception when you're ready for it. but it comes from within yourself. and when someone, including me, fluffs their tail-feather and comes to tell you how their unique point of view would be better for you, and it doesn't fit or resonate, smile and nod for the delusion you were just offered and shake it off.

each one of us has a direct connection to the all-present source of all knowledge. look inward and trust your own guidance, your own feelings and intuitions. the true teacher, the true guru, always resides within and nothing from the outside can know the reality that lives inside of you. everything here is a walking individualized perspective, just like this one. don't deny your connection to the source of all these "truths" that float about this dream world. not a single being on this earth is without a direct connection to the all-knowing power. there is no one here with access to something you yourself don't have direct access to. the principles of this dream world apply to all within it. there never was, never is, and never will be anyone special here with a secret passage way into life's gorgeous heart. there is no special knowledge that is out of your direct reach.

(picture: Robin Urton - The Connection)

listen to your voice and go on and make this gorgeous universe yours. you don't need anyone else to tell you that your plate of goodies, your plate of ideas, is delicious when you yourself can taste and decide.

you are connected.

Sunday, June 8

my gynormous mirror

in every moment, i am the consequence of my own participation.

whatever state of mind i hold and dish out in a given moment, is what comes ricocheting back to me in this reality. i have a handy mirror called the universe that is constantly showing to me what i am emanating.

when i go to someone with a closed mind of how i think they ought to behave, how i think they ought to express their truth or even what their truth should be, and what they should do to change the way they're behaving right now, i get someone coming to me with the same close-minded gift. it is only a closed-mind that says "hey, by seeing this way, you're not being you right now."

to fill your mouth up with assumptions and messily go and bias-ly spill all over someone's momentary vision is one of the ways we slap one another.

what a gift to be able to uncover your own passing state of close-minded-ness.

it is a closed mind that says "hey how you're seeing right now isn't how you should be seeing" as though "my way" is the universal way of seeing. it isn't. this universe is allowing of billions of individual perspectives. this universe is all-inclusive and allows all sorts of varied expressions to emerge. how unconditional?!

on a clear day i know that whoever the being and whatever their doing, it is theirs to do. it is their unfolding and it is their truth, and so no matter what they say or how they are saying it, it is totally valid and right for them to do so. it is their standpoint. i don't need to step in and say "wait i thought you wanted to be like this" or "hey it would be better for you to think this other way."

that subtle position "hey you're not seeing like me right now so something must be wrong with you" itself is based and can only ever be based on my own biased assuming of what i imagine works for someone else. it's strange because you can never know or experience someone else's state of view directly to be able to say "oh no, it would be better if you saw this way right now instead" or "oh no, your truth should look like this instead." you just can't and don't know for you only ever have your own individual view.

and the way it seems to go, when what you have to say and what your view is resonates with another point of view, you have a way of magically coming together.

my truth is that there is no right view to hold in any given moment what's so ever. there is only the view that is working and arising for you. those whose view is a match have a cool way of coming together. and those whose view isn't a match don't even come close to one another. we seem to only ever attract our own state of mind toward us. whatever my experience is right now, it is here because i have invited it with the attractive power of my own perception.

when someone expresses their truth, no matter how it tastes to me, i'd like to genuinely be able to see clearly and say, "that's awesome!" and see the truth that irregardless of what they say or do, they are the loving Self that is all things. nothing takes away from their divine truth except my own close-minded-ness.

nothing here loses its Divinity nor is the Divinity of something here diminished because of the concepts momentarily being expressed.

hey all-inclusive universe, i want to be all-allowing just like you.

Saturday, June 7

what True Love sees

(cat mcadams)

what is more absurd than a King who stands in front of a mirror expecting to see the face of a beggar? what is more absurd than Love looking in the mirror and expecting to see something other than itself? what is more absurd than Wholeness looking for a reflection of imperfection? why does an insane mind carry on as though it was making any sense?

true love cannot and does not join you in your delusions of otherness, of lack, and limitation. should i fall prey to blindness, please do not join me. rest assured that whatever lack i perceive is a figment of my own imagination, a construction of my own constricted mind.

what are we here to offer one another? how are we to come to one another here? how do we extend our hand to one another? shall we meet in delusion or in clarity?

stories of some past, of some identity or personality, and the imagination of otherness, is for those who still sleep to the Self that is in all and through all. manage your vision and i shall manage mine. only when we meet in clarity will we know what it is that is coming to meet itself in every moment, in every scene, in every way.

true love cannot and does not stroke our delusions. it is only insanity that agrees with you when you dream a world of a "me" and some other "you."

Friday, June 6

hangin loose

“shaka, brah!”

you know if it wasn’t for the reminders available to us, we’d probably sit around fondling the imaginary past like little kids with slithering creatures in their hands. we play and replay, tell and re-tell, the story of an event that is no more until we’ve choked all the air out of ourselves over it. if there is anything that leaks your energy, that drains your light, it is your insistence that time is real.

i love asking myself…where was i before this moment right here and right now? i’m breathing here. i’m feeling now. i’m thinking here. i'm creating now. all of my activities are arising in my present moment. always and all ways in this present moment. How refreshing that THIS is all that there is. and THIS is light and loose.

climb out of time and into this fresh new instant that greets you with a clean slate. this immediate instant is always a fresh starting point. the only residue of a past that is here is the one you’re making up and clinging to in your mind. you can let go of old experiences and bring all of your energy back into this powerful present moment.

yes, you can.

Thursday, June 5

releasing resistance

what is it in us, that of all the wonders placed before us, of all the majesty of this life that readily comes to delight us, we hone in on some tiny spec of dirt and focus upon it and feed it with the power of our sacred attention? why do we twist for negativity? when there is so much to feel blessed about, to joyously soar on high about, to celebrate, how do we come to throw ourselves into the fire of a vision of separateness, of insecurity?

if there are any projections you must release in the moment, you will know. you will feel the dis-ease in yourself. you feel discomfort and constriction only when you are pinching off the flow of peace in your system. this stirring of discomfort, this indication, is the chance for you to ask yourself...what am i seeing right now? and should there be the slightest of constriction in you, you can hold the intention to release whatever mental projection you've cast. you can look in and say...

"I now recognize that whatever and whoever I see as other than the loving Self is a mental projection. I now effortlessly release all mental projections and evaluations of myself, and the people and situations in my life. Only Self exists."

when you see your Self in everything that comes to cross your path, when you hold true to your vision of oneness, then nothing that arises can sway you into the low frequency thoughts of separateness, otherness, fear and its various playmates. you know too much to go and stay there. if you've tasted the relief of unity, of Love, then you readily know when you're in any state of resistance. to put it simply, the state of resistance is what we experience as "negative" emotion. that's the indicator that tells you when your vision is cloudy.

you can not soar like a dove when you're unquestioningly rolling around in the dirt of "you are other than me." in every moment and with your every breath, you must i coming from love or am i coming from resistance? and to those that come into your presence, you must look and see, are they offering me love or are they asking me for love?

the lightness of Being is a gift onto itself, but you must be consistent in your seeing to experience it in every scene.

living in Love and giving the Love is a choice we make with every breath, in every scene that presents itself. every scene is a chance for us to demonstrate our inner Light. this higher vision takes committment and a vigilance on your part to be true to it. but at any time and in any place, you can choose to rise into the Love present in the world of multiple appearances.

Breath of Love

(Artwork: "Joy Riders" by Rassoulli)

this dream will celebrate your fear
and readily cheer for your resistance
it is your work to rise
above the malice of ignorance
expand into Love with your every breath
and be unwavering in your stance
do not move about this dream
like a drunkard who cannot use his feet
stand firm and hold your vision
be true to the Love story you dream
this is the way of the Dreamer
this is the way of the Lover
and you are the Beloved

Wednesday, June 4

being Peace

(Om Shanti)

in this life, you're only responsible for where you are and how you yourself see in this reality. you're only responsible for the energy you bring to the table. when ever this idea is presented in conversations, there's this "what about the world" or "what about those people over there" standpoint that comes. but as neville eloquently put it, "leave the mirror and change your face. leave the world alone and change your conceptions of yourself." it's the same thing jesus said in that "first remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck that is in your brother's eye."

clarify your own vision, your conceptions, of yourself before you go asserting what's wrong with other people and the world. there are many other's who've expressed this wisdom and continue to do so, and in my view, it is an essential standpoint to examine. if you see something awry, it's not "out there" - it's only your vision of "out there" that's amiss. "what is" as in what appears right now for you is only what you're giving attention to, be it your personal "what is" or your broader global perception of "what is." these are your perceptions, your personal selective interpretations of reality, yourself, and the world at large. all you ever have is your own vision, your own viewpoint, the story you tell yourself about yourself and life.

thought by thought you are contributing to the field, your environment, that appears as this experience. in this very instant, thought by thought you are penetrating the receptive matrix of our reality to mold and hold an image of the world - your vision, your perception. so what is your vision? are you holding a vision of separation of a world of lacking and limited beings? what is your perceptual offering? what is and will your contribution be?

(Bob Seal: Split Mind + Mind = Oneness = No Mind)

the miracle of this design is, if you wish to see a change in the world "out there" then you need only become the embodiment of the very energy you want to see "out there." if you want to see peace, then you yourself must embody the energy of peace. thought by thought and feeling by feeling you yourself must be peace.

when Mahatma Gandhi said "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" he wasn't saying anything other than this. you literally must be the vibration that you wish to see in the world.

how do you do that? consistent practice. consistently anchoring the thoughts that line-up to whatever it is you want to see "out there" within yourself. monitor your wandering mind and see what you're collecting in thought. literally embody the energy, pulling it into every atom of your being, and then sending that back into the environment.

what will this do? a lot more than simply walking around with a mixed bag of thoughts about yourself and life and putting that insecure energy into expression. this reality is a field of ongoing interaction between you and your environment. you send out waves of energy to all things around you and you receive matching waves of energy from all things around you.

and you get to choose what kind of energy in the forms of your thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions you put out, you emanate. you can ground yourself in that higher inner Knowledge, or you can leave your mental house unchecked and roller-coaster all over your scenes with insecurity.

so what kind of energy do you want to contribute to your environment, this world? what is it that you're wanting to see in this world and what drum are you beating? are you wanting to see peace and wholeness, and yet in your thoughts and expressions beating the drum of discord, lack, and limitation? what are you projecting out into the field thought by thought, belief by belief? what kind of energy are you bringing to the table? what are you offering to your Self, your environment? what kind of energy emanates from you?

it's a worthy examination. a necessary one since we are all participators in this three dimensional vibratory fest.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.” Marcel Proust

what you see in multiplicity veils the hidden simplicity. and in keeping your attention on that hidden simplicity, you have turned the mind away from insecurity and onto the secure ground of Being Here Now - in Oneness. this is being Peace.

Om shanti shanti shanti

Tuesday, June 3

the Divine playground

this three dimensional playground utterly fascinates me in so many ways. i’m rather fond of those Indian teachers who went around saying everything is illusion and unreal, right before they conjured up a rose out of thin air, levitated, or walked on water. i love them all, especially for the reason that they too are all imaginary, the hologram projections, programmed illusions, or hallucinations of a dream-world made of "nothing."

it’s a wild world.

fact and fiction are a funny debate to me. that everything my mind conceives, including identity, is just a play of invisible ideas i play with is a trip. the facts and the fictions of this experience are only ever conceived by our own mind, only we’ve trained ourselves into making the non-existent distinction. sometimes i’m factual and other times i’m fictional. and other times i’m a mixed bag of both. if you think everything is real, then it is. if you think everything is fiction, then it is. if you think it's both, then it is that too. there are no boundaries except the one's you conceive between these. it is us who draw an arbitrary line between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy, assuming that one is objective and the other our mental play.

it’s a funny imaginary line that separates the facts from the fictions, the real from the imagined, the history from the vision and prophecy.

if you look closely at everything you experience, you do so only through the medium of your mind – a selective and discriminative instrument that is filtering out something like 99.9...% of all of the information that is before you in this instant. i’m amazed just thinking about what kind of frequency or information i’m not accessing this very minute. i mean i'm thankful too. i don’t know if the nervous system can process all the information that is flying about the ether without crackling or short-circuiting. and i don't want to crackle or short-circuit. i'm still young and vibrant!

(alex grey)

and wild.

so...i like to think of it as that...we live in an informational soup. we are bathing in and swimming around in a big bowl of campbell’s informational medley soup. the taste is overwhelming. and of all the stimuli, waves of information, flying at you, your mind, your brain-body is only registering and offering you as "reality" a minuscule percentage of all that is flickering into existence at this very moment. and calling this selective tiny bites of information you’ve given attention to “real” or “fact” makes that conclusion, in my view, debatable.

(alex grey)

the truth and the facts of this reality are really only that infinitesimal bit of information, that less than 0.1% of information you've given attention to. be it past or right now, the facts you perceive are my view. i mean in a given day, you process so many thoughts, so many little events, but of all the things you cycle second after second in a 24 hour period (i think that's 86400 seconds), what you then recollect and call "my memory of yesterday" or "my reality of yesterday" or "my truth of yesterday" or "the facts of yesterday" a very selective small group of images.

so i hold, in this reality, there are no facts. facts imply objectivity, continuity, and a sense of real-ness. and there’s no such thing when you come to face all experiences through the excruciatingly selective subjective faculty of mental interpretation. in this reality there are only interpretations. subjective mental constructions. and these mental constructions exclude so much more information than they include into your observed experience.

it's funny...the limitless nature of this life reveals itself only when you put your attention on it. does that make it a fact? it too is another aspect of the informational soup in which we're bathing in. in an infinite matrix of information, there is no "fact" and no "not fact"'s all...information, and you get to choose which aspects you'll bring to life by the power of your attention.

it's a wild world.
it's a great soup.

so is this veggie pho...

Monday, June 2

in Love, on Oneness

now i see clearly how relationships are the juicy meal we all like to feast on. i get it. it's fun to talk about the boys and girls in our lives. it's fun to oh and ah and wow and ew over our social tap-dancing. i see how it's weirdly important to define ourselves as someone's so and so, someone's significant partner, lover, ex something or other. yet ironically for me, it's when the best partner in the world came into my life that talking about love and loving on that level lost all of it's appeal. it ceased being interesting. i can rarely offer it as a conversational piece and only do so if it will be my platform to talk about surrendering to the truest of all relationships.

what is the truest of all relationships? your relationship to your Self.

we've defined love so erroneously. conventional definition of love takes the divinity of that higher essence, that higher energy, and tries throw it in the mud. what we call love in the ordinary sense is festering with possessiveness and insecurity. it's very twisted. we experience that feeling connection which in its purest form is a revelation of our true Self, of what we really are, and we muck it up and dress it up in rigid mental costumes. we impose restrictions upon it because of our insecurity. it's mine and no one else can have it. we get attached and grasp at the person who inspired us into seeing what we really are.

the conventional understanding of love is a mirror of our misunderstanding of who we are and what this life is.

the person that you love is merely inspiring you to see your own true inner Being. fall in love with your Self, for this is the truest of all loves. the world and all those other beings, relationships, you come across are only your mirror. they can only reveal to you your own vibration, clear or murky and confused as it might be.
what is this mirror showing to you? are you Love or are you insecurity today? are you aligned to the ever-present Love or are you resisting it today?

when you fall in love, you are for that instant seeing clearly the energy that you are. you are inspired into alignment with your Self. the object of your love, that person you fall in love with, is a window or a mirror inspiring you into a clear vision of what you yourself truly are. you are Love. you are that energy. there is nothing else here. and the only thing that veils this, is your own resistance to your true nature.

the truest thing i can ever say while looking into those eyes that i love looking into is not "i love you" but rather "i am you." there is nothing truer than this statement. it is an acknowledgment that our ego's are see-through masks that attempt to cover our inherent oneness. All is Love.

'cause my t-shirt says so.

Sunday, June 1

eggplants and turnip

labels are a funny thing. you would think with the way we attach to them, offer them, and give them so much authority, that it was labels that made this world go round. for all it's worth, labels only have that power because we give it to them. in and of themselves, they are only letters we assemble together. they are nothing more than sounds we make like all the other creatures in the Gardener's yard.

she asked me if i was a disciple of one of the teacher's whose teaching i love to share. and i answered "i am a disciple of Life rather than any one particular expression of it." we are not masters and followers, teachers and students, fathers, and girlfriends. these are roles that belong to a dream of separation. attachment to roles is attachment to delusions.

just like you take your shoes or clothes off before you go to sleep, you leave all these seemingly precious roles behind when you enter the dreamless state. here you are no one, thinking of no one. here in this deep sleep you think of nothing. no one's important enough for you to conjure up in this state. you are at your happiest in this realm where nothing is. and you come out of this formless space feeling rejuvenated and fulfilled. ever wonder why? ever wonder why it is in the absence of roles and names, identities and such that you feel at rest?

i understand the apparent necessity of these roles. but in truth they are in name only. they are not real lasting identities. they are fleeting character plays. masks we put on to amuse one another. to play with one another. but somewhere along the line, they became everything...

a woman to one man is a daugher, this same woman to another man a sister, yet to another a lover. how strange?! the same woman takes on name after name, identity after identity, as she walks this physical trail. she forgets them when she goes to sleep and then drops them altogether when the body drops. how strange!

you know what the truth is? i am neither his girlfriend or sister, his mother or daughter. nope not his wife, lover, grandmother, or mistress either. i am none of those things nor have i ever been or will ever be.

i am his eggplant and he is my turnip. what? it's just as meaningful and relevant. plus, together they make a fine salad...

the cucumber is our love child.

Be Still awhile, and free yourself from delusions. you have never been these roles you insist on offering.



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