Wednesday, May 7

walking miracles

everything about this design inspires me. i don't know how to convey it to another mind, how miraculous this whole existence is, what a miracle every being walking on this earth really and truly is. i wish i could just grab every face that crosses my path and say, "you are a walking miracle!" i'm looking at everything as a walking miracle. every layer of every single thing formed in this life is the intricate and intelligent functioning of some power. i'm in awe that in this instant alone, billions of intelligent cells are communicating rapidly just so i can experience sitting, just so i can experience thinking, just so i can experience composing this arrangement of words. and i love that. i love that the intelligence of these countless cells, their ability to register vibration, communicate, and send electrical signals to the brain, is allowing me to take in so much of the wonder of this wonderful life in an inexplicable way and participate in it in every moment of my life.

thanks to physics, now we say everything is energy. and if you even for a moment give that bit of knowledge some deep thought, just contemplate that bit of knowledge alone, your mind has to surrender to the boundless unicity that thrives as all things. to rise into the unshakable security of your Being lands on that fact alone. oneness. a mind steeped in the idea of separation, superficially hypnotized by what appears is a defensive mind, an insecure mind that believes its survival rests on competition. such a mind is blind to the limitless power that is flowing to and through all things right this very instant. but the mind that realizes the oneness of this design rises above all illusion and in its waking falls in love with the beauty that is all things and moves all things. there is but one power in this universe and the wise and the sages have given it so many different names. but what the wise and sages have realized means nothing if you yourself don't just stop to "question the obvious" and see past the veil of sensory experience. to really enjoy sensory experience, to really appreciate the functioning's of the physical body and the appearances within this physical experience, you have to understand what all this really and truly is. what you truly and really are.

every being is a walking miracle, an interplay of unfathomable intelligence. if you can look in the mirror and look into the eyes of an apparent other and recognize this, you are owning your name. and if you have not yet, you should start your day saying...i am a freakin' walking miracle! 'cause you are. at every level of your being.

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