Saturday, May 31

Staying True to You

love is the realization that time and space do not exist. that all sense of temporal or spatial boundaries and separation is a mental obstacle you impose upon yourself. and that time and space are what birth that inverted vision of separateness...

i close my eyes and i try and feel where i end and where all else that i love begins. and it turns out that my presence is your very own, and if you for any moment want to feel me, and i want to feel you, all we have to do is feel the inner Self. because i am That. you are That. all that i'm crazy about is That. all that you're crazy about is That. anything you conceive of as "me" that's other than This is a projection.

we have the ability to hallucinate a me and a you that's separate and apart from the seamless unity that we are. it's our absolute freedom to play with our hallucinations all we want, but at the end of the day i don't exist as anything that's apart or separate from you and the Presence that you are. so my absence to you is an illusion. entangled as we are, seamlessly flowing as we are in this vast ocean of divine unity, my presence is your only reality. your presence is my only reality. i'm never not here. you're never not here. i mean to say once again, i am you. all ways.

with or without form, whether i'm physically in this world or not, near or far, the true nature of this life is that you and i are Presence, and we emerge from this Oneness to do the dance of multiplicity. does a wave, when it emerges from the ocean to do its liquid dance, cease being the ocean? we never cease being Presence. we never cease being this Oneness. it's beautiful. it turns out that true love is nearer and higher than the thoughts that weigh you down into thinking that i am apart from you, or that you could ever be without me.

so when i'm dangling on one side of this mass of rock and you're dangling on the other side far away, and we're apparently separated by time and space, it is this understanding that keeps me smiling continuing to thrive in the land of happiness. keeping myself in the higher understanding of oneness is the greatest thing i can give to myself, all that i love, and my environment, and it is the sole source of the higher energy we call "happiness." and this happy energy is easy to hold when you practice your vision of the true nature of this existence. We Are One.

so i'm staying true to the real You. i'm staying true to the core of all that you love and adore. we can only honor one another and experience the timeless beauty of Love when we recognize and honor the ever-present fountain of life out of which we all emerge from. this is me. this is you. let's stay true to This.

i think this is what you call...being in love, in every way.

living in Love all ways. i'm always Here and you're always Now. and right now You taste like ice-cream and ginger-thins.

You're delicious.

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