Monday, May 19

a season of caring

what a beautiful way to start a day. my words rushed out before i could write of how my heart erupts with joy and with bliss in moments of playfulness such as this. i went to sleep speaking to love and started my day reading from love.

i once told elmo that i thought we were all just like the carebears beaming love-energy from our heart center. and what tickles me, besides my elmo of course, is reading that at this very moment our emotion infused thoughts are going out like waves from our hearts into the matrix of creation. we're literally beaming waves of energy from our heart center into the all-creative void at this very moment to attract toward us those experiences that match our beliefs and feelings about life and ourselves.

i read something like the magnetic field of the heart, which i think is the force field created by the electric currents of it, goes on for miles and miles outside of the body. so where does your heart end and the world begin?

play all over your scenes sweet one, 'cause life is just a happy dance of pretty colors and joy-filled hearts...and we are all just the care bears in the end. so be like Playful Heart Monkey and treat the whole world as one big playground, YOUR playground

if you can dream, just send a wish out in the dark.

hugs and tugs ain't got nothing on us! mmm

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