Wednesday, May 28

"No darling, I can't take your thirst away...

but i can show you to the sea.

While you're walking on your path unknown, say, will you think of me." (justin hines)

i love discovering the science behind the practices of certain "mystic" schools.

recently i was reading up on a hawaiian based problem solving process to release memories that show up as problems in our everyday lives. it's called self identity through ho'oponopono ( there's a very inspiring practice behind the process from the standpoint of oneness and our ability to recognize and release negative energies from within our system, to return to the state of peace and balance. one of the treatments Dr. Hew Len recommends is drinking Blue Solar Water. Blue Solar Water is just as the name implies. you take a blue glass bottle, fill it up with water, and leave it out in the sun to solarize it. drinking solarized water helps the body clear and release negative memories and associations.

i thought, what an interesting treatment, but i really wanted to understand the science behind it. the how of it. and lo and behold, the science presented itself in another material i've been drooling all over.

in simplified terms...the molecular spread of water from our taps and even bottled water is different from the ionization of solarized water, also called "structured water" or "miracle water." when you expose water to the photons from the sun (suggested duration of sun exposure varies from a few hours to a twenty-four hour sun/star cycle), in this form, it becomes structured. this means that the long chains of hydrogen bonds that are in "normal" water have been broken down. this enables water to enter our cells directly to oxygenate, nourish, and cleanse them without having the cells do the metabolic work of breaking down long chains of hydrogen bonds. the water found in all living organisms (from food to us) is of the "structured" type, so through this process you're just making water that closely resembles the very water already everywhere within the cells of the body. this is why this water is absorbed more rapidly and thoroughly and is more effective in hydrating and cleansing the body than "ordinary" water.

(the molecular appearance of unstructured and structured water)

now i didn't find any info on why the hawaiian system recommended a blue glass bottle, but i suspect it has something to do with the frequency of blue. ever since i watched "what the bleep do we know" three years ago and saw the bit on Dr. Masaru Emoto's hidden messages in water (, i've been curiously fascinated by water's ability to imprint frequencies onto itself...that it literally records the frequency of the energy around it onto itself...i remember wanting to drink water that had recorded the frequency of Love and Gratitude onto itself because the crystals that formed from the message of Love and Gratitude were just so pretty.

(the type of complex crystal that formed in frozen water exposed to Love and Gratitude)

so you can probably use any colored glass bottle, or even clear, but in line with the frequency of colors, colors like green, blue, and indigo would probably serve the cleansing process more so than any other colors since they have a higher frequency...and those things we call "negative energies" are the denser "low" frequencies of this reality.

something like that i guess...

if leaving your water out in the sun or playing with gadgets to structurize it isn't your thing, you can always simply bless your water to infuse it with the higher energies of Love and Gratitude before you chug-a-lug.

"Well time will tell

I wish you well."

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