Tuesday, May 27

i'm magically delicious

life bubbles up with loving-ness keeping me in the land of happiness. my scenes do their best to remind me often that as long as i keep a watch on where my attention is, everything else effortlessly takes care of itself without my having to strain any which way. when i keep my attention on the very things i enjoy, then the magnificent power that breathes this body or spins the planet, the power that makes all things, magically brings me more of all the Lucky charms i ever want to ingest. this is my very experience and why i continue to hold that life is just magically delicious.

i'm only ever responsible for me and where my head is. that's it. practicing looking after what kind of a mental attitude i'm holding and projecting that outward consistently is all that's on my plate. and consistency is the reason i still hum "Macavity's a Mystery Cat: he's called the Hidden Paw--For he's the master criminal who can defy the Law." it's that T.S. Elliot poem my grade 7 english teacher made us hum in unison class after class. because we did it so consistently, i still hum it from time to time years and years later. the power of mind is a wondrous thing but it takes practice to habituate any kind of mental attitude, be it negative or positive, or even neutral for that matter. all brain-body systems work the same way, and all beings experience the product of their attention.

whatever you put your attention on consistently is what continually manifests as your experience. if your experiences are inconsistent, it's because what you give your attention to is inconsistent.

i think one of the ideas i had to discard along the way is that life equals hard work. the stream of life in which we all row our boats on flows effortlessly. it is effortless. it is only our wrong ideas that have us paddling upstream, unnecessarily sweating and fretting the details...in the fabric of our apparent reality.

life is easy, but for as long as you have yourself believing that you have to sweat to have, or do, or be whatever you want in this life, then such will be your experience.

take it easy.

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