Sunday, May 4

double vision

it's almost like you exist within a continuum of two perspectives. there is the way the real you, the unconditioned you, sees all things. and then there's the perspective that arises from the way in which things are presented in this variety contrast-filled environment. that the world sense-perception presents is filled with variety and differences is obvious, but the true nature of all that appears, that it is all the same substance in various forms, and to whom it appears, who or what the actor or observer of all this is, is what makes this life the beauty and wonder that it is.

the experience of your every moment is impacted by where you're falling on this seemingly perceptual continuum. are you seeing variety and differences, are you seeing a me and an-other, or are you aware of what all this is and what and who everything and everyone is right now? you can't see both visions at the same time. it's one or the other. you're either constricting focus and perceiving from the standpoint of an individual "I" or you're relinquishing the perspective of separation and seeing that all that is here is the expression of One power, that All is fundamentally and absolutely One.

one end of the perceptual continuum is a realm of relief, joy, peace, and absolute love, while the other end is the play ground of insecurity. insecurity and its playmates are the manifestations of the constricted me, myself, and I perception - the perception focused on and identified with the forms that appear rather than holding onto the knowledge of what that appearance is made of.

if you aren't seeing true, the peace and joy that is always here in this design, then adjust the spectacles through which you view this reality. All is One and so All is absolutely always Well.

i'm constantly adjusting my glasses.

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