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the cure to tell-it-like-it-is-itis

it's not that the grass is greener on the other side, on a side that is out of your reach and view, it is actually greener for you right here and right now should you just adjust your focus of attention. reality, whether of your personal relationships and circumstances or the broader world events and environmental conditions, is only a matter of what you've put your attention on and what you've believed into being. your experience of life is entirely dependent on your point of view and focus. so many ancient traditions have said that everything "out there" is just a mirror of what's "in here." they said it poetically in variations of "the mind is everything" or "as a man thinketh, so is he"

if you see yourself as being in a physically static world and universe, then your perception of fixedness means you're holding onto the belief that you can only have in life what you have right now and things are just as they appear to be. this sense of "this is it" keeps you in a box. having unquestioningly accepted what appears before you as a done deal, means you continue to manifest these experiences of "this is all that there is to life." you're running under the "what i see right now is what is real" syndrome or what one wonderful wording calls "you've got tell-it-like-it-is-itis." but this isn't just it. this isn't even close to it. this that appears right now isn't solid, fixed, or a done deal in any shape or form. it's a passing light show.

my light show has pretty eyes and a smile that makes me go... "i'm experiencing a global warming."

but anyway...our physical experiences are totally relative. impermanent. fleeting. passing. the very particles that construct our physical universe, from bodies to vast oceans and galaxies, at this very instant are vibrating in and out of "existence" so to speak. current estimates even suggest that the you that you take yourself to be, the thought content of the mind and everything else in this apparently physical universe, is vibrating into and out of being 14 times a second. before you can even count to one second, every particle that makes you up has come in and out of "void" fourteen times. what an illusive party! basically when them crazy physicists look at the subatomic level of formed substance (i.e. that would include this you and me), it seems as though everything is emerging in and out of this "all-nourishing abyss" ( physicist Brian Swimme's words) in every moment.

nothing is fixed. not you. not me. and certainly not your life scenes and this world you perceive. no solid object or scene is really that. everything is changing, reshuffling, and reshaping, many times in one second. your body is not merely a sac of bones and fluids but a cluster of molecules, vibrating particles. your body is a living intelligence. the earth is a living intelligence. and the space that contains it all is a living intelligence. nothing about this physical existence is fixed, a done deal, but your very unexamined assumption that it is produces and perpetuates that matching experience.

what gives this passing reel of identity and experience the feel of permanence and stability? the glue that holds your experiences to constantly look like they do, is your own beliefs. beliefs about who you are. beliefs about what this life is. beliefs about your environment and the people in it. beliefs about the world at large. your closest and most intimate companion in this life, is your belief system. the fabric of your reality is woven by the beliefs you keep. and like the ancient traditions repeated over and over again for us, all that you ever experience is your own mind. based on your beliefs, you construct and pull out from that all-nourishing abyss images that fit within your framework of possibilities, or impossibilities, in every moment of this life.

"omni-possibilities" is one of those words that i love.

that this physical reality is malleable is experience-able. life is neither mundane nor banal unless of course you think it is. it is an orchestra of creative intelligence. every form is the interplay of particles and waves, elements and consciousness, forming and dissolving, expanding and evolving in every instant. every scene is here one instant and gone the next, and constructed by the creative energy, you cycle and hold - your beliefs. every today turns into a yesterday. every scene passes. every experience, be it ordinary or extraordinary, makes its introduction and exit continuously. but what perpetuates the repeating themes, patterns, of your life is your constricted focus and labeling of yourself and the possibilities available to you within fixed boundaries.

having labeled yourself as a limited being with all sorts of definitions you've plastered all over your mental home, you've turned the light of your mind away from the experiential fact that you can be, do, and have anything and everything you want in this malleable vibrational reality. this brilliant design is capable of giving you everything you could ever imagine. but having wrongly identified and labeled yourself, having put imaginary limits around yourself, you say and believe that you can have only the things you have right now, and so life abides by your creative rules and obliges to give you exactly what you've constructed in the privacy of your mental workshop.

but as Ma-Tsu says...The mind that does not understand is the Buddha. There is no other... so whether you think "this is it" or embrace your universe of unlimited possibilities, you are the Buddha. there is nothing else here. there is only Buddha, everything else is illusion. or put another way, there is only Love, everything else is resistance. it all says the same thing.

on my next blog, maybe i'll talk about how fact and fiction, reality and imagination, are all mental fabrications, and as such how everything in this experience is a completely subjective construction. and how my biased advice to you is, don't talk about what appears because it's already a passing stage show..."don't let what you observe be what you vibrate" for that perpetuates and keeps the old pattern re-emerging from that all-nourishing void...instead talk about what you know is coming and what you want to be coming as if it were already here...

but of course, only if you want to.

ask & it is given, and when you ask, do so believing it is already yours. 'cause it is. this universe doesn't know "no" is only you who imposes that constriction upon yourself.

this universe is yours. and the only answer to all that you desire, is Yes.

okay...okay...this rather lengthy arrangement of words is now complete.


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