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Staying True to You

love is the realization that time and space do not exist. that all sense of temporal or spatial boundaries and separation is a mental obstacle you impose upon yourself. and that time and space are what birth that inverted vision of separateness... i close my eyes and i try and feel where i end and where all else that i love begins. and it turns out that my presence is your very own, and if you for any moment want to feel me, and i want to feel you, all we have to do is feel the inner Self. because i am That. you are That. all that i'm crazy about is That. all that you're crazy about is That. anything you conceive of as "me" that's other than This is a projection. we have the ability to hallucinate a me and a you that's separate and apart from the seamless unity that we are. it's our absolute freedom to play with our hallucinations all we want, but at the end of the day i don't exist as anything that's apart or separate from you and the Presence t

"No darling, I can't take your thirst away...

but i can show you to the sea. While you're walking on your path unknown, say, will you think of me." (justin hines) i love discovering the science behind the practices of certain "mystic" schools. recently i was reading up on a hawaiian based problem solving process to release memories that show up as problems in our everyday lives. it's called self identity through ho'oponopono ( there's a very inspiring practice behind the process from the standpoint of oneness and our ability to recognize and release negative energies from within our system, to return to the state of peace and balance. one of the treatments Dr. Hew Len recommends is drinking Blue Solar Water. Blue Solar Water is just as the name implies. you take a blue glass bottle, fill it up with water, and leave it out in the sun to solarize it. drinking solarized water helps the body clear and release negative memories and associations. i thought, w

i'm magically delicious

life bubbles up with loving-ness keeping me in the land of happiness. my scenes do their best to remind me often that as long as i keep a watch on where my attention is, everything else effortlessly takes care of itself without my having to strain any which way. when i keep my attention on the very things i enjoy, then the magnificent power that breathes this body or spins the planet, the power that makes all things, magically brings me more of all the Lucky charms i ever want to ingest. this is my very experience and why i continue to hold that life is just magically delicious. i'm only ever responsible for me and where my head is. that's it. practicing looking after what kind of a mental attitude i'm holding and projecting that outward consistently is all that's on my plate. and consistency is the reason i still hum "Macavity's a Mystery Cat: he's called the Hidden Paw--For he's the master criminal who can defy the Law." it's that T.S. Ellio

realm of the magnificence

scramble not wise Heart that subtle tremble in the spread of silence is like a tiny ripple on the ocean's surface all ripples have their rise and their fall be still and find your ever-present restfulness this right Here is the realm of the magnificence it is where eternal peace abounds always Here always Now (Picture: Dosia McKay "Submerged")

the ultimate yard sale...

May 24/2008, bank street, Ottawa

a season of caring

what a beautiful way to start a day. my words rushed out before i could write of how my heart erupts with joy and with bliss in moments of playfulness such as this. i went to sleep speaking to love and started my day reading from love. i once told elmo that i thought we were all just like the carebears beaming love-energy from our heart center. and what tickles me, besides my elmo of course, is reading that at this very moment our emotion infused thoughts are going out like waves from our hearts into the matrix of creation. we're literally beaming waves of energy from our heart center into the all-creative void at this very moment to attract toward us those experiences that match our beliefs and feelings about life and ourselves. i read something like the magnetic field of the heart, which i think is the force field created by the electric currents of it, goes on for miles and miles outside of the body. so where does your heart end and the world begin? play all over your scenes

the law of Freshness

....and my afternoon delight "what's new" friends ask. and while i think to recount the instance of finding a decapitated mannequin hanging out on a parked car, that was just a tiny fragment of all that's new right here and right now... every segment in which you find yourself is new. every bit of every thing is new. i found myself calling it "the law of freshness." we can add it to the list of the laws of our paradise. everything is fresh. there is no past. there is no yesterday. there is no two years ago. there isn't even a one hour ago. all of these are mental abstractions. try and locate these phantoms. nope, there's nothing there. there is only right now. there is only right here. there is no other time or place. go ahead and try to climb out of this. you can't. this is it. and it's new. everything about it is fresh. it's never not new. only a mind clinging to memory, a selective mental construction, attributes oldness and new

the cure to tell-it-like-it-is-itis

it's not that the grass is greener on the other side, on a side that is out of your reach and view, it is actually greener for you right here and right now should you just adjust your focus of attention. reality, whether of your personal relationships and circumstances or the broader world events and environmental conditions, is only a matter of what you've put your attention on and what you've believed into being. your experience of life is entirely dependent on your point of view and focus. so many ancient traditions have said that everything "out there" is just a mirror of what's "in here." they said it poetically in variations of "the mind is everything" or "as a man thinketh, so is he" if you see yourself as being in a physically static world and universe, then your perception of fixedness means you're holding onto the belief that you can only have in life what you have right now and things are just as they appear to be

the joyful carrot

it is the beings we call our pets that are great teachers on how to be easy about this life. when i get myself that family of my own, i'm going to insist we all jump and dance for our food just like this: life is grand when you have joy for every little thing that presents itself before you.

walking miracles

everything about this design inspires me. i don't know how to convey it to another mind, how miraculous this whole existence is, what a miracle every being walking on this earth really and truly is. i wish i could just grab every face that crosses my path and say, "you are a walking miracle!" i'm looking at everything as a walking miracle. every layer of every single thing formed in this life is the intricate and intelligent functioning of some power. i'm in awe that in this instant alone, billions of intelligent cells are communicating rapidly just so i can experience sitting, just so i can experience thinking, just so i can experience composing this arrangement of words. and i love that. i love that the intelligence of these countless cells, their ability to register vibration, communicate, and send electrical signals to the brain, is allowing me to take in so much of the wonder of this wonderful life in an inexplicable way and participate in it in every moment

double vision

it's almost like you exist within a continuum of two perspectives. there is the way the real you, the unconditioned you, sees all things. and then there's the perspective that arises from the way in which things are presented in this variety contrast-filled environment. that the world sense-perception presents is filled with variety and differences is obvious, but the true nature of all that appears, that it is all the same substance in various forms, and to whom it appears, who or what the actor or observer of all this is, is what makes this life the beauty and wonder that it is. the experience of your every moment is impacted by where you're falling on this seemingly perceptual continuum. are you seeing variety and differences, are you seeing a me and an-other, or are you aware of what all this is and what and who everything and everyone is right now? you can't see both visions at the same time. it's one or the other. you're either constricting focus and perc