Wednesday, April 16


i'm about as non-committal as they come when it comes to some things. keeping up with my diary, blogs, writing projects, emails. i actually enjoy deleting things and shredding pieces and burning paper. i'm not sure why but i don't like to question my crazy. i do love the word play though, and so i always come back.

so here we are again. me in bed for a few days with not much to do but play with words. me and the word fest trying to tackle each other until one of us gives in.

okay words. you win. i love you. let's put you up.

i love to reflect on the wonder that is this life. it is a wonder you know. a wonder your mind can't grasp. a wonder i can't put into words. all i can ever do is say "thank you" over and over again to the force that moves us all. i had four days of the universe exploding into love and me trying my best to not give myself away. from jersey to NYC to philly back to my little piece of peace i call home. and i saw my first magnolia tree up close.

and though my body right now complains and is keeping me in bed, my heart is so full that it feels like it's about to combust. let it. 'cause i'm sure we're here to fall in Love and drown in the bliss of this beautiful life.

i'm the luckiest girl in the world. and to be Lucky, turns out, is just my birthright.

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