Friday, April 25

floored by your perfection

i love this life. the perfection of this design always floors me. over and over again. in every segment of my day, an insight will arise, a phrase will be said, a sentence will be read, and had that information come moments earlier, i wouldn't get would be wasted. it wouldn't register. but it comes in just the right time, in just the right way, right when i'm open, aligned, and ready...and it hits me, right in the heart. my brain puts the pieces together, and sees the picture. that picture is always love. that picture is always life's total acceptance of where i am, however i am. it's the best feeling in the world, seeing love manifest in your life in so many different ways. life popping in, in forms of various kind, constantly saying...

..."look how i am you"
..."just look and see how everything is one here"
..."look how loved you are"

life is love itself. i don't know how else to put it. it forms itself, it molds itself into anything and everything you can imagine and presents itself to you. it's constantly giving you itself. because you're its own creation. it puts gentle wonders into your palms. it puts bright smiles in your path. it breathes you and lives you in a way, only in a way, that you can experience it's majestic lavishing abundant love. life is totally and absolutely love-affirming, and the moment you open yourself up and pay attention, it takes your heart to heights you've never dreamed of.

the more i live, the clearer it is, that there is only oneness here. beautiful entangled deeply intertwining and intermingling connectedness, and this magic is what you are.

i am in love, living the beauty of our astonishing oneness. life is absolutely perfect, and the beauty of it is that you yourself are this perfection...this love dancing as that human being ~

i'll write on my dog for the next blog. i kid. 'cause i can.

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