Monday, April 28

on the counsel of cleanliness

when you exercise some logic, it’s inevitable that you’ll come to the understanding that just as this universe functions under some precise mathematics and definite principles, so do your life experiences come to pass with the same precision and exactness you see in the way this earth spins, or the heart organ beats, or trees grow, or water falls from the sky.

insecurity, worry, and fear in life are the manifestations of our misunderstanding, the result of our unexamined beliefs. for the laws of this garden, our Eden, are constant and apply to all. and there are definite laws and principles that construct our experiences, just as there are definite mathematics that hold us stuck to this hurdling mass of rock. logically.

they who we've called Masters throughout the ages figured it out. they figured out that they were totally one with life, the vast universe, that meant they moved as life moved and along with it. and as they as they opened themselves up, wisdom flowed to them and through them.

every teaching i’ve mulled over offered me advice along the same line. know your Self. know your mind. all is mind. you are what you think. you reap what you sow. guide your thoughts. examine your concepts.

test the knowledge and you'll find it vaild. clear your mind and you'll find it is a brilliant creative tool, the very tool that constructs all of your experiences. stand still in thought and find that peace is always within. we are not victims of our experiences, nor have we ever been. and not one of us is here to just live on the outer fringes of the creative brilliance that is this universe. because we are so much more than we initially take ourselves to be. flooding our mind with unquestioned concepts, and parroting the teachings and assumptions of others without ourselves testing the knowledge we’re offered is not exercising the curiosity and discriminative faculty we’re each endowed with. exercise your mind.

isn't it fascinating how we take the time to clean our homes and bodies regularly, give our homes makeovers and our bodies just the same, but don't even peak into our mental and emotional homes? we don’t make it a point to check our concepts and belief systems or look at the little pains we’re clinging to. i reckon that one of the greatest things you can do for yourself, is look in-ward daily or at least regularly and see what kind of mental and emotional nonsense you're cluttering yourself up with. this is the kind of house cleaning that actually transforms your life and allows you to experience fully the brilliance that this design and you truly are.

chance has nothing to do with anything in this life. but cleanlinesses at every level of your being does.

it's true. i shower regularly.

Saturday, April 26

Awaken to Self

as my eyes come to rest,
on the colors of this day's end,
i hear Your whispers within myself
You speak thus...

You who resides in the Palace of the Most High,
You who is brighter than a thousand Suns,
and more beautiful than an Ocean of gems,
how do you fall in awe of what's before you,
while shunning the illuminating light of your very Self?
do you not know, that this before you is a mere flicker,
that this inspiring vision is pale and dim,
in light of your own light?
awake now, dear soul,
the heavenly stars,
wait to fall at your feet.

Friday, April 25

floored by your perfection

i love this life. the perfection of this design always floors me. over and over again. in every segment of my day, an insight will arise, a phrase will be said, a sentence will be read, and had that information come moments earlier, i wouldn't get would be wasted. it wouldn't register. but it comes in just the right time, in just the right way, right when i'm open, aligned, and ready...and it hits me, right in the heart. my brain puts the pieces together, and sees the picture. that picture is always love. that picture is always life's total acceptance of where i am, however i am. it's the best feeling in the world, seeing love manifest in your life in so many different ways. life popping in, in forms of various kind, constantly saying...

..."look how i am you"
..."just look and see how everything is one here"
..."look how loved you are"

life is love itself. i don't know how else to put it. it forms itself, it molds itself into anything and everything you can imagine and presents itself to you. it's constantly giving you itself. because you're its own creation. it puts gentle wonders into your palms. it puts bright smiles in your path. it breathes you and lives you in a way, only in a way, that you can experience it's majestic lavishing abundant love. life is totally and absolutely love-affirming, and the moment you open yourself up and pay attention, it takes your heart to heights you've never dreamed of.

the more i live, the clearer it is, that there is only oneness here. beautiful entangled deeply intertwining and intermingling connectedness, and this magic is what you are.

i am in love, living the beauty of our astonishing oneness. life is absolutely perfect, and the beauty of it is that you yourself are this perfection...this love dancing as that human being ~

i'll write on my dog for the next blog. i kid. 'cause i can.

Thursday, April 24

la vita et bella

i love how easy it is to appreciate this life, and how amazing it feels to do so. i don't know of any higher feeling, than that of thankfulness. it's a wonder to me. that by default our mind wanders into such a problem-focused mode of functioning, that it often looks to see and focuses on only "what's wrong" with the scenes at hand.

there's so much that is amazing and blissful in the scenes that confront you should you but give them your attention. your reality is always a matter of your attention...what you've put your attention on.

i'm putting mine on all the beauty of the scenes here and ahead of me....

simply put, life is just beautiful.
so is my dog.

Tuesday, April 22


life's been awesome. incredibly awesome. so awesome that, i can't help but draw on myself. yep.

i'll put my name in one heart and you put yours in the other ~

Monday, April 21

a life in bloom

the soul of man thrives
in riding
the tides of fate.
your dreams are
the whispers of your destiny
calling you forth
so that all the wonder that you are,
can come into full bloom.

Thursday, April 17

Be Happy Now

a piece of love took this picture while we were sitting on the floor of a crowded room. i wrote on my hand: Be Happy Now for the simple reason...that there is no other time to be happy...just right now, that's all you've got. right here. and right now.

so go on...Be Happy Now

the call Home ~

* * * * *
look how the Lovers sing,
to your deafened ears.
And look how they dance
before blind eyes.
have eyes not come to read us?
can you not taste the call of love?
have you not feasted on the fire of joy?
pay attention dear soul.
for the heavens have opened,
and the light is on to guide you Home.

* * * * *

Wednesday, April 16


i'm about as non-committal as they come when it comes to some things. keeping up with my diary, blogs, writing projects, emails. i actually enjoy deleting things and shredding pieces and burning paper. i'm not sure why but i don't like to question my crazy. i do love the word play though, and so i always come back.

so here we are again. me in bed for a few days with not much to do but play with words. me and the word fest trying to tackle each other until one of us gives in.

okay words. you win. i love you. let's put you up.

i love to reflect on the wonder that is this life. it is a wonder you know. a wonder your mind can't grasp. a wonder i can't put into words. all i can ever do is say "thank you" over and over again to the force that moves us all. i had four days of the universe exploding into love and me trying my best to not give myself away. from jersey to NYC to philly back to my little piece of peace i call home. and i saw my first magnolia tree up close.

and though my body right now complains and is keeping me in bed, my heart is so full that it feels like it's about to combust. let it. 'cause i'm sure we're here to fall in Love and drown in the bliss of this beautiful life.

i'm the luckiest girl in the world. and to be Lucky, turns out, is just my birthright.

Monday, April 7

symphony of miracles

* * * * *
everything that appears before you,
is in service of your joy.
you need only see that this is so.
for the beauty dressed in your skin,
knows nothing else,
but the excellence of this life.
and this life,
is a symphony of miracles
dancing before your very eyes.
open your eyes.
open your self.
and revel in the majesty,
of this holy dream.

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