Wednesday, March 5

A Puppet, Not a Fool

quit pulling on my string old world!
my business is with the certainty of Stillness.
would you have me look for rest, in the endless stirring of your wilderness?
oh mind, have i appeared the fool so soon?
only a mad one would look for peace in your movement.
this world is none other than your fabrication,
a mirage in the emptiness of my peace-filled Being.
seeing this, what would keep me lusting after your illusory creations?
with sight restored, would i willingly fall into your pit of darkness?
oh mind, have i appeared the fool so soon?
you thread a necklace of phantoms,
and offer them up as pearls.
which blind one would accept such gifts?
with stillness Here, who flies with the gifts of a restless mind?
oh world, quit pulling on my strings!
I will not leave my Home,
for your thought-congested roads.

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