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meet me in innocence

there’s a place prior to knowing, a landscape of profound stillness, a state of unspeakable ease with a lightness unparalleled. meet me here in our emptiness, in this field of our innocence. it is the bed we’ve always laid in, the freedom we’ve always played in, amidst the great love making, that is this magnificent life. ( painting: Lilith- by Jack Haas)

immaculate whispers of the Heart

be still my inflamed heart and ascend into that Higher Vision dip your ceaseless longings into the fire of Truth Adore This the cult of sensual pleasures betrays This so at once abandon all of your stray birds for that which is Here Now for This alone satiates that thirst for True Love and This alone is the Wholeness within. (Artwork: "Serenity of the Sun" by Rassouli)

Be As You Are

thoughts will never show you, your true likeness. they will never thread a story about the real You. words and concepts will never speak Truth. they cannot. for the certainty that You are, cannot be fragmented into words, into images, into the this-ness and that-ness of thought content. why turn to such things for Self reference? why let the false speak of the Truth? it cannot. The eternal cannot be reflected in the unstable and ephemeral. it is senseless to look to thought for self-knowledge. simply Be as You Are, for Being is the only certainty, in this realm of Your dreaming.

the constant reply

your Lover is Life, there is none other than this. so, transform your fear into a butterfly, and let it fly free out into the field of its Love. let your eyes rest on the boundless beauty of this place and let your lips only murmur its praise. then, open your hands and receive all that your soul has been dancing for the only answer to escape from the lips of your Lover is Yes it has always been Yes your Lover is Life there is none other than This.

A Puppet, Not a Fool

quit pulling on my string old world! my business is with the certainty of Stillness. would you have me look for rest, in the endless stirring of your wilderness? oh mind, have i appeared the fool so soon? only a mad one would look for peace in your movement. this world is none other than your fabrication, a mirage in the emptiness of my peace-filled Being. seeing this, what would keep me lusting after your illusory creations? with sight restored, would i willingly fall into your pit of darkness? oh mind, have i appeared the fool so soon? you thread a necklace of phantoms, and offer them up as pearls. which blind one would accept such gifts? with stillness Here, who flies with the gifts of a restless mind? oh world, quit pulling on my strings! I will not leave my Home, for your thought-congested roads.

fumbling for You

this life, He tumbles over me with the might of the unforgiving Sea and while i fumble over that melody that the Lover hums It is I that has succumb to the pangs of a violent love how this love, it absorbs it all swallowing the sun dissolving day into night leaving only the stillness of a world asleep to its own sound time is lost to You Love and mind is unhinged from its godly throne As I remain in the endless Presence of You who is the All (painting by Jack Haas)

quote of el momente:

"Like a vast and gracious Host, welcome and say "yes" to this, "yes" to this, and "yes" to every this. Your true life arrives constantly when you've set up your shop at the intersection of Now and Yes." - Gary Rosenthal for some reason, life seems to weigh less when you accept what is here right now, whatever it is.

the flames of One

how do i speak to You who is my Self You who is beyond speech, beyond words You who looks through all eyes That bliss-filled face that can blind even the stars Eternity resides only where You are A wonder formless and unbound What is this feeling? Who calls to this heart like so? It is You You, Who even a Lovers tongue cannot move From that place out of time From that field not of mind You pull on this heart of mine How to see what is not born? How to meet what cannot be found? Oh how sweet it is to drown in this You that I Am
haaaaaaappy sunday. don't let them crazy thoughts steal your attention away. despite what our thoughts say, the fullness of life is in what's right here and right now. my bum itches. hugs yo.