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every little thing is alright

friday is a day to quote this for friends: "do not look back. and do not dream about the future, either. it will neither give you back the past, nor satisfy your other daydreams. your duty, your reward-your destiny-are here and now"…let them worries and furies go my dear, and as you let the storm of thoughts settle, you'll see every little thing is alright right here and right now. this post is brought to you by: hills bros english toffee cappuccino, the reason for my great sparkling cavity free smile and the pep in my skipitty step.

you come looky looky, eet eez very cheapy cheapy

"i got the monkey's, monkey see monkey do" sang a merchant on the beach... i've officially been back for 12 hours and am breaking my 9-day internet absence. the south was a symphony of colors. the weather was very loving. the ocean a simple mirror of my inner condition. restless on top but calm and serene in its depths. i promised i'd come see it again. after all, if it wasn't for the Sea, i'd be one dried up pile of dust. i'm sure i did more than this but... i practiced my spanish (mainly "no no, estoy canadiense" as the locals assumed i was domincan and attacked me with spanish at 200 miles per hour). i ran on the seashore. i swam nakked in the atlantic. i did yoga on my balcony overlooking mountains and palm-trees almost every morning. i read. i mingled. i hugged trees. i fed a tiger . i star-stared. i rolled a cigar. i ate pancakes every day. i had some sugarcane. and i ate some more. i rode a horse named sandy. i danced with and

Forbidden Duality

(Picutre --- Electronic Paintings of Sabin-Corneliu Buraga: "Forbidden Duality") * * * * * when it is only the false that falls prey to delusion when it is only the false that wanders aimlessly how can anything be said to be lost or found? can you sacrifice illusion? can you surrender a shadow? selflessness is the only Reality though your love for duality makes it appear otherwise.

weapons of nonsense

all words are not else but weapons of pure nonsense traps laid by an assembly of empty symbols words! when the spinning reel of words ceases when it is dropped or abandoned the stories will dissipate and it will be clear that nothing has ever happened no door has ever closed and no one was ever left standing * * * * * “And when this unfathomable, infinite number of living beings have all been liberated, in truth not even a single being has actually been liberated." – Diamond Sutra

This Lucid Life

* * * * * blindly sailing through your wakefulness floating adrift your stream of concepts, you waste time in darkness. so it seems, as time wastes you. oh this waking-dream, how it fools you so.

the Great Pretender

(picture: "Triangular" by Sven Geier) * * * * * tell me friend who is on a journey? who is this "me" you insist upon? the tellings of thought do not fabricate Truth. tell me friend what rests there behind the veil, untarnished by the dance of these play things? what will it take for you to be rid of these shadows? what will it take for you to abandon all your concepts and theories? find me and tell me this dear friend.