Sunday, January 20

Questions from Obscurity

(picture: "Effortless" by Sven Geier)

* * * * *
who are you when you speak?
and who are you when you relate?
and who is it that relates and speaks back to you?

do you speak to your mind's projection?
or the formless One that is all things?
do you interact with your mental ideas?
or the formless One that is prior to all conceptions?

are you the thought-stream of "me" content?
who sees this endless stream?
who sees this "me" that is continually constructed and dissolved?
from where do your words come and toward whom do they go?

who is this that asks, and who are you that answers?

this dream appearance implies much
but it says absolutely nothing
to see that you are the all and that the all is you,
is to have shed the shackles of inverted perception.

but even these words are just concepts.
throw them out.
what remains?

in the end, you your Self are all questions
and all answers.

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