Monday, January 7

everything & nothing

you may be everything
but this everything here,
it is nothing.
mere transience.
no lasting permanence.
it is here now, and it is gone.

so you may be nothing.
but this nothing here,
it is everything.
but this, this neither comes nor goes.
it is always here now,
this that you are.

to see this, is to see true.
to be this, is to be the eternal you.

in everything, there are many questions.
and you are all answers.
in nothing, no questions come,
and you are as you are.

so you see,
there is everything,
and this is you.
and there is nothing,
and this is you.

so to be as you are
is to be everything
and it is to be nothing.
all at once.
do you understand this?

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