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unframe me

(picture: "Framed" by Sven Geier) i stood in front of the friend today but i couldn't be seen i couldn't be heard and i couldn't be moved and in this forgetting i found my freedom this is the freedom of being forgotten no dull image to behold no past thought to remind no name to be called no memories to bind i stood in front of the friend today for the first time facing my unquestionable absence and in it i faced the freedom of being forgotten in forgetting me you have only set me free. so forget me. for i have undoubtedly forgotten you.

Questions from Obscurity

(picture: "Effortless" by Sven Geier) * * * * * who are you when you speak? and who are you when you relate? and who is it that relates and speaks back to you? do you speak to your mind's projection? or the formless One that is all things? do you interact with your mental ideas? or the formless One that is prior to all conceptions? are you the thought-stream of "me" content? who sees this endless stream? who sees this "me" that is continually constructed and dissolved? from where do your words come and toward whom do they go? who is this that asks, and who are you that answers? this dream appearance implies much but it says absolutely nothing to see that you are the all and that the all is you, is to have shed the shackles of inverted perception. but even these words are just concepts. throw them out. what remains? in the end, you your Self are all questions and all answers.

Remain Here

(picture: "Infinity" by Sven Geier) * * * * * those inviting tales the minds presents, will be frightful in no time at all. for the mind never weaves pleasure apart from pain. if sorrow be your chosen companion, then stay immersed in your imaginings. what are past and future but pure mental fabrications? there is no substance to memory and imagination. recede attention from these pseudo-experiences, from these private delusions, and remain free as you've always been. Here. Now. Here in the ease of this first unchanging moment. Remain.

No "I"

(picture: "Eye of Storm" by Sven Geier) * * * * * "I" is a play, "I" is a cloak "I" is nothing, but a swirl of smoke No "I" to love, No "I" to stay No "I" to give, No "I" to take No "I" to see, No "I" to hear No "I" to wake, I disappear

All is the One

our tendency to idolize an apparent other while minimizing ourself is a most peculiar trait. when all is an expression of One Life, who is the greater and who is the lesser? there are many colors, many containers, but it is the same substance that flows through them all! the mystic says, "i am you." and he says this with conviction. you'll never convince the mystic that you are other than himself. he does not say this because he sees himself as the corpse, the sac of skin and bones. he knows, he sees, that he is not the container. he sees that he is life itself. life itself! how can he be anything else? he is life, and that is all. as are you. and she. and they. it is One Life that flows through many. it is you. can one life be lesser or greater than itself? this One Life is you. this life is I. there's nothing else. Oneness isn't a catch phrase. it is The Reality. * * * * * Till man destroys "self" he is no true friend of God. Once a man

Coming Home

where are you Now? where has mind lead you to? thoughts are thieves so come away from these creatures the killer of thought rests Here for what does thought have to do with the moment at hand? neither yesterday nor tomorrow can introduce you to what's Here Now what's Here Now? what is this still ease? come see my friend and rest rest Here in your original home.

unmask yourself

this moment it is indeed His play call him what you like give him any name Love, Life, or Krishna God or Being these words they are all without substance for the righteous see that He alone is but a mind astray says "oh this is mine and i do this" can you not see that He manages all? wake up! this dream you dream it is His play and you are the mask He wears.

under the Bodhi Tree

that ever present stillness is obscured by the surface currents of mind do not be moved by the appearance or disappearance of things it is all illusion remain always with the unchanging nature of all that is here

going astray

if life had intended that you be a sheep it would have made it so but it did not and so you need not go astray who speaks? who believes? who conceives? who directs? who follows? find this one! what words fabricate where stories lead where the mind wanders where is your abode in these? in truth no secret hides from you but words the game of words this is the trouble

everything & nothing

you may be everything but this everything here, it is nothing. mere transience. no lasting permanence. it is here now, and it is gone. so you may be nothing. but this nothing here, it is everything. but this, this neither comes nor goes. it is always here now, this that you are. to see this, is to see true. to be this, is to be the eternal you. in everything, there are many questions. and you are all answers. in nothing, no questions come, and you are as you are. so you see, there is everything, and this is you. and there is nothing, and this is you. so to be as you are is to be everything and it is to be nothing. all at once. do you understand this?

lost in delusion

all is mind indeed mind is all father, mother, friend lover, foe God who sees? who speaks? who touches? and what? mind is all. how is anything known? mind is all. subtly perceive this mental deception or remain lost in this groundless delusion all is mind there's naught else but this mind.

what of it all?

* * * * * just as the shadow appears and disappears without affecting the substance from which it was cast, so to do these life scenes come and go without any modifications to that which you are you are the substance from which all things rise good or bad, it is not so pain or pleasure, it is not so the shadow comes and the shadow goes what of it all?