Thursday, December 20

restless fragments

eyes out of focus.
thoughts toss.
thoughts turn.
a restless mind begins to stir.
tears moisten the corner of eyes.
it's raining again.
and it's time to rise again.
what sleeps?
what wakes?
what rouses the sleeping shadows?
It all begins with I.
But how will it end?

Wednesday, December 19

unrestricted by reality

to fear losing
what i've never had
this is the dream i dream

to long for
that which is not here
it is the dream i dream

drowning in thoughts
of some you and i
i dream this dream
and i don't know why

i cannot see
in the darkness
of my own imagination

what throws me here?
what pulls me out?

where imagination rules
reality hides
for this is the dream i dream
with eyes wide open

Saturday, December 15

before id-ea

before word
before thought
before concept
before idea
what seems to hide there?

if an idea is troubling
discard it
look to see from whence it came
and you'll come to face yourself

Friday, December 7

senseless perception

* * * * *
parallel dreams
yesterdays themes are in todays scenes
no past
no present
no future
life speaks in a clear way
but you must be deaf to truly hear it

Tuesday, December 4

Who Am I?

at the root of all trouble, I am
at the root of all desire, I am
at the root of all pleasure, I am

when I am not, nothing is
when I am, everything is
but the question remains
who am I?

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