Tuesday, October 23

No I, No Problem

How One puts on conceptual (or linguistic if you please) garments to perpetuate the dream of an individualized existence is by far the most interesting topic of contemplation, discussion, and observation.

“I am the seeing” is quiet a different kind of statement to make than the common “I see” - as both these statements point to different points of identification. What does One identify itself with in this dreaming? And what the heck is meant by One?

I’d dare venture to say that the thing to be observed in this being human thing, is the functioning that naturally takes place and the interpretation that so quickly and noisily follows it.

Identify with the interpretation, and the perceptibly secondary mental reality it can weave, and you will readily say “I see” is the truer statement. Identify with the natural organism-ic functioning, the immediate happening that is prior to translation and interpretation, and you see “I am the seeing” is the truer statement.

I am love. I am knowledge. I am truth. I am…insanity.

Oh Absurdity, how thy name is “I.”

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