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it's elementally my dear Watson


(Without knowing life, what do we know about death?)

To live, to die, facts of life.
No life, no death, Chuang-Tsu lives.
Life and death are rooted in illusion.
Without Mind where do they attach?

Ichin Shen

* * * * *

in this space of a headless universe, where nothing can come to really know its presence but rather only know its absence, what is there to understand and who is really there trying to understand?

in a place where the only conclusion one can come to is that there is nothing and that inevitably all there is, is this nothing... processing the endless apparitions is merely only about getting lost in the maze of mind stuff

how to process appearances, events, happenings, when upon questioning they turn out to be the backless plays of the elementals?

what happens, happens. but the critical question always whom does it happen?

the elements combine in ways to put on an unimaginable show. and it may be easy to get lost in the colors losing sight of who's doing the watching.

the thing to ponder is not "what does this mean?" but rather "to whom does this have meaning?"

our mind will readily provide theories for what is happening and all that it could mean, but it can never whom.

so as this dream unfolds, it's apparent that the equation goes something like...

oh hell...i don't know.


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