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Your True Love

The truest of loves is That which accepts all things. True love is the immediate instant, that’s right here and right now. Nothing else. Rest assured, everything else is transient; and the transient can never be the source of your security. You don’t have to wait, or need you wait on this instant. There is no question what is here and now. There is no doubting what is here and now. It is utterly, totally, and completely all here. It is complete. It is full. It is This, What Is. Perfection. This and only this is your true love. Always here. Always now. It has nothing to do with bodies, or words, or thoughts, or anything else. All those things are, because This Is. You can never long for it, for it is always Here. You can never desire it, for it is already Here. There is no other time. There is no other place. There are no faces for which you can attribute This to. It is the faceless. It is the formless. This is your true love. Look for nothing else but This. Not inside. Not outside. So,