Saturday, April 28

My Timeless Eye

Feeling more than I have ever before,
I know that this must be The Love
Its light shines bright into the core of this soul
And now I am made to see clearer
As it melts the crystals of my coldest winter
I leave my doors wide open
I’ve invited him in
He is the Sun
The center of a heart undone

He’s a Timeless eye
An inviting smile
And he’s taken residence of my mind
He’s that silent witness
The cure to madness
An unmatched brightness
That soothed my hidden sadness
Bowing to none
He is a child of the Sun

Strange how such beautiful scenes
Can scorch the breath that can’t be seen
You grow accustomed to the burns
Knowing He is the remedy for which your heart yearns
And while we remain locked in this gaze
Making our way through this timeless maze
Our words will not keep your eyes for long
So we leave you listening to his silent love song

Brightly lit over the skyline
Centered in his way
The unseen power of this Great One Lover
Is the light of my day
And though I tried to keep him at bay
He is a Life Line
Wholly mine by a Divine design

He is the love that puts me to rest
And as the ears of my silent nights attest
I prayed that his light of day
would come closer that much sooner
He is my Sun
The subject of a love, before time had begun

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