Wednesday, March 14

Confessions of my Self

I’m not the voice you hear
And I’m certainly not the face you see
I’m not the touch you feel
And I’m really not this “me” here.

Your eyes show you a body.
And through ears you hear a sound.
Your hands tell you what’s at the surface.
But Spirit knows something profound.

I’m not this short story
Of a twenty something girl somewhere
I carry a much larger history
A truth your mind can’t bare.

I’m the house for time spans beyond count
But you won’t believe any of this
For the little “I” in you is drowning in doubt.

These genes carry this code of expansion.
They tell a story of things unseen.
Yet Spirit shows all that has been unfolding
I know where it is all going.
It is an epic in the making.
No where and every where it goes.
But how it goes, no one knows.

And you won’t believe it if I tried to tell you.
For the little “me” doubted just as the “I” in you.
But let me tell you once again.
I’m not this “me” you seem to see.
Some day some how you will hear this subtle plea.

Don’t be fooled by how I appear
For who I am is really unseen
Untouchable it remains.
Don’t be fooled by what remains.
You’re so fooled by my remains.
You’re so fooled by your remains.
This’ll dissolve before your eyes
And though you think I’m dead and gone
Your Spirit knows what your mind denies.

You won’t believe me if I tried to tell you.
For the mind in you knows not what’s Real and True.

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