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The Heart of a Leaver

Have you ever been left behind? Have you ever thought of those that left you as…unkind? Father, mother, lover, or friend…the heart of a leaver is all of these, yet knowing this gives you no ease. They come in love and leave you with the sorrow and the pain…that turn your tears to acid rain. They promised you forever but forever wasn't theirs to give. They promised you the world but this world wasn't theirs to give. And in their leaving you found yourself bitter, parted from the heart that was once warmed by the thoughts of you and…he, she, they… They came in love…and they left you…cold. They left you alone with nothing to hold. But dear soul, as it was Love that brought them to you, it is Love that takes them from you. For in their presence and in your togetherness you grew as two… And in the coldness of their leaving, you alone must grow into what's true. It is Love that makes them come and it is love that takes them from you. So in their leaving ask not "how could…he

Confessions of my Self

I’m not the voice you hear And I’m certainly not the face you see I’m not the touch you feel And I’m really not this “me” here. Your eyes show you a body. And through ears you hear a sound. Your hands tell you what’s at the surface. But Spirit knows something profound. I’m not this short story Of a twenty something girl somewhere I carry a much larger history A truth your mind can’t bare. I’m the house for time spans beyond count But you won’t believe any of this For the little “I” in you is drowning in doubt. Evolution. These genes carry this code of expansion. They tell a story of things unseen. Yet Spirit shows all that has been unfolding I know where it is all going. It is an epic in the making. No where and every where it goes. But how it goes, no one knows. And you won’t believe it if I tried to tell you. For the little “me” doubted just as the “I” in you. But let me tell you once again. I’m not this “me” you seem to see. Some day some how you will hear this subtle plea. Don’t be