Monday, October 9

this unfolding Love

i can feel my heart trying to escape through my chest right in this moment. i've been feeling it since the moment i arrived and woke up in my old bed. there's a lot of love in the air. the trailing echo of love songs from my friends CD, the comfort and roominess of the back seat, the distant voices of the two girls in the front seats, and the pitch black darkness of the road all makes this seem like the perfect setting to make this entry. this love comes to me in many places and through many faces. it comes through so many embraces,smiles, and looks exchanged between friends and family alike. it turns to greet me in the yes of old and new, shining out a lightness i can spot a distance away as my heart flutters and my whole being pulses to the beat of this invisible tenderness that surrounds all things. but there's more to it than eyes can meet. there's more brewing underneath this skin that words can't yet express. there's a knowing of things to come, of things inexplicable and indefinable, of things the intellect alone cannot express without the aid of time and a new face that in truth is not new at all. and this knowing brings along with it a longing like no other. it's a longing for growth but of a different kind, of a kind i can't piece together as of yet. it's an unsolved puzzle but all the pieces laid out before me are beginning to make sense. the truth of the unseen and so much more reveal themselves in the most subtle of ways. Love and the expression of it through every aspect of my life consume my heart and yet fill its hunger at the same time. i am living in the heart of life and releasing my breath as i make this place my resting place. i'm nestled in the very fabric of a living and pulsing love that has come to be the air i breathe and the rhythm my soul moves to.

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