Monday, September 25

my ear is like a sea shell...

8:12:24 AM

My right ear was being especially noisy this morning. I have usually only been hearing that "wooshing" sound when I make sudden movements but this morning even the slightest motion was making the sound apparent. I wonder what that means too.

12:09:50 PM

"everything in your life is what you are meant to do, and every place you are is preparing you for the next place you will be."

Sunday, September 24


"By consciously expressing our gratitude to these spiritual helpers, we not only feel a deeper connection with our spiritual source but we affirm that we are simply one small part of a larger network of loving intelligence in the universe. Taking time to express gratitude for the guidance you receive from your spirit helper today can help strengthen its presence in your life."

Given the revelations of last night, I shouldn't be surprised to receive this message this morning. But I am, in the most pleasant way. When all messages you receive are consistent, you pay attention and notice the point you're being pointed toward. I'm not alone. I have help. I'm being heard. I have been heard.

I am most thankful for the guidance I receive. When I step back to see all that has been occurring in my life both on the day-to-day levels as well as the bigger changes, I can see with all clarity that I'm receiving very constant and helpful guidance. "Intricate" is the best word I can use to describe all the ways in which situations and experiences align to point me in the best direction. There's an intricate interplay of so many aspects of life teaching me and guiding me right now. I don't know how else to be thankful but to put my thankfulness into words here. "Loving intelligence" is the best way to describe what's at hand and around me these days. My heart is overwhelmingly glad for all of it. In this moment I'm bubbling up with the kind of goodness that is hard to describe in words. These moments are frequent. Validations of my experiences from an external medium reflect to me all the knowing within in a way that makes me feel things are so real.

Everyone has a right to these feelings and knowing-ness of the heart. This is the premise for my work.

Sunday, September 17

i got toes!

I can touch my toes!!! I realized this last week and have since been dropping onto the floor at random points to check if I still have this new found ability. Just yesterday I was walking down the street with my friends when I exclaimed "I can touch my toes, look" and proceeded to drop my head down and extend my fingers to my toes and touch them. They were quite happy for me. I had to make sure it was a permanent thing before I committed this new discovery to written words.

Sunday, September 10

Dear Love,

I long to be as you created me,
in fullness of heart and in the lightness of spirit,
always immersed in tenderness and in the sweetness of innocent playfulness.
You are the ideal I long to express in all my ways.
In purity you love abundantly, in close embrace with all you've created in this cosmic dance of all things divine.
You are my highest ideal displayed in all things hoped for.
Shower me with your electric kisses and let me melt into the fragrant drops of your loving essence.
Let me merge with your lightness and fullness.
Let me merge with your passionate certainty in what you know me to be.
Let me lose myself in the mirror of your eternal gaze.
I feel myself falling ever so deep into all that you are.
I don't wish it to end.
Let me fall into your depths forever.
Let me spin amidst your space and drown in your blissful embrace.
Let my tears speak for themselves and show you my wealth of gratitude.
Your graceful hands lead and guide me toward unseen beauty and unheard melodies.
You leave me breathless.
You inspire and set these seeing eyes upon higher things,
and place these things lovingly in my reach.
I am loved in a manner of love I cannot define.
I am eternally longing to remain in the heart of your heart.
I know not what home is without your presence.
You are my home, my shelter, my source and resource for all things.

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