Monday, August 14

The Girl and the Sea I

The Voice of the Sea
I found myself sitting at the foot of the ocean again, recalling all the while the many moments that appeared as this one does, the vastness still captivating my eyes as I gazed to the far reaches of this extended heavenly body of mystifying element.
I longed to know more of what I can know. I longed to break apart and follow it home for I was certain it knew my origin and my end.
I watched it rise from itself in sections and merge back into its own greatness. Waves upon waves of greatness would rise and fall sounding sounds that none could imitate. Then, I closed my eyes as I do in the many moments I sit before it. I inhaled all that I could to rise as the waves did and exhaled to feel myself fall in their likeness.
The wind began to circle around me brushing my cheeks with its gentle hand. I could feel our elements collide as air and skin mingled in this coolness of day. Then a gentle thought entered my mind. I knew it was the voice of this sea of wonder. I knew the wind was its hands preparing me, comforting me, as it led me to enter into its current of secrets.
“Tell me,” my heart whispered. And then I heard…
“These waves you seem so fond of, forget they are a part of me, one with me, as they rise to raise themselves. In that fleeting moment that they rise, they think they have an individual existence. They forget that I am their source and resource. They forget that their true nature will always be and has always been the Sea.
But they remember, for in their forgetting they suffer the instability of their seeming separation. They waver and toil with the wind and feel the pangs of their thinning existence. But they remember their true nature, their absolute reality. They are pulled into remembering by the tie that binds us so intensely. We never part for they are a part of me, and I a part of them, unbreakable and impassable. And in their remembering they realize that they are the in-breath of my own rising and the out-breath of my descent.
So too are you and life tied in this way at your essence. The knowledge of your origin and end begins with this understanding. Forget not your source and resource. Forget not the vastness with which your oneness remains. Remember child. Remember. “
Quietness came over this spread of wisdom before me. I felt these words sink into my being. The wind brushed my cheeks once more and disappeared. I breathed in all the stillness and let out the air as I opened my eyes. Night had come. My heart was full of something but I knew not what it was. I felt pulled as if the strings of life itself had beckoned me to follow.
Follow where?
I wrapped my arms around myself and stared down upon the sand that served as my resting place. Moments passed in the stillness. I looked up and gazed at the ocean once more as the wind echoed "remember."

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