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Above and Below

It's been an amazing week of beauty, change, and my deepest thankfulness for it all. This first week was spent as close to nature as I could get. 5 nights and 6 days heart feeling like it was expanding to fit everything that was coming through me. It was completely overstuffed. I took a plane to the west, all the while staring out the window into the tiny spec remembering what a wonderful lesson flying provides. From the plane so high up above and looking so far down below, it can be easy to realize that life really isn't at all that is down there. The house down there and all it holds that now looks like a smidgen of ink on the big picture really isn't who you are, and has nothing to do with you. All that down there below is stuff and symbols you've given meaning to. Everything down below is all that's outside of you that you're constantly looking at and thinking it is who you are. You have taught yourself that you are defined by the stuff you've

The Girl and the Sea I

The Voice of the Sea I found myself sitting at the foot of the ocean again, recalling all the while the many moments that appeared as this one does, the vastness still captivating my eyes as I gazed to the far reaches of this extended heavenly body of mystifying element. I longed to know more of what I can know. I longed to break apart and follow it home for I was certain it knew my origin and my end. I watched it rise from itself in sections and merge back into its own greatness. Waves upon waves of greatness would rise and fall sounding sounds that none could imitate. Then, I closed my eyes as I do in the many moments I sit before it. I inhaled all that I could to rise as the waves did and exhaled to feel myself fall in their likeness. The wind began to circle around me brushing my cheeks with its gentle hand. I could feel our elements collide as air and skin mingled in this coolness of day. Then a gentle thought entered my mind. I knew it was the voice of this sea of wonde